Prospect Park South

Prospect Park South is a historic district that was designed as a rus in urbe, or country in the city. This means that if you’re looking for a bit of the ‘burbs in the heart of Brooklyn, you’ve found your place. Prospect Park South’s historic houses- ranging from Queen Annes and Colonial Revivals to Spanish mission and more- are large; the developer designed it that way. While the neighborhood doesn’t offer much for nightlife, there are some boutiques and small shops in the area, and an abundance of options are just minutes away. Prospect Park and its many offerings are also available right in your own backyard.

Prospect Park South’s central location makes navigating to other parts of the borough- and city- convenient. You have access to four trains and eight buses, two of which make express stops to midtown, that can help you get to Times Square in about half an hour. There are five schools in the area, including PS 249, but if you want more options? You are within easy reach to plenty more.

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