Downtown Brooklyn

Traditionally a civic and commercial area, after rezoning the area, Downtown Brooklyn is booming. New developments pop up like weeds as more people come to move to this area. Unlike Gowanus, also a neighborhood in transition, this neighborhood is a bit more well-heeled. If you love shopping, consider yourself in heaven with so many options available. Don’t fear for food as there are great options available at all levels. A little gem about the area are the hotels- perfect for when you really don’t want to host the in-laws for the holidays. However, don’t expect this area to be the life of the party, things quiet down after dark, but access to nightlife is beyond easy.

Thanks to its location in northwestern Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn is a transportation hub with nine trains and eleven buses. Midtown is a mere 25 minutes away, so feel free to press the snooze button. For the families coming in, with nine schools in the neighborhood itself, you have a good number of options available. More schools will come though as the influx of new families is faster than schools can open. There are, however, a plethora of options right past the small confines of Downtown Brooklyn, so your children are guaranteed to find the right school.

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